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Limatech is a deeptech industrial startup developing innovative lithium batteries for aeronautical applications. The company aims at offering the technological answer that will accelerate the shift towards sustainable aviation on an international market. Its disruptive batteries are 3 times lighter, 2.5x more efficient and last 2.5 more longer than any existing technologies.
We provide #energy to #travel through an innovative and pragmatic approach , we offer concrete solutions to lift the technological barriers to on board energy storage ,for t oday , tomorrow and after tomorrow.

  • Award-winning deeptech industrial statup (designer
    and manufacturer)
  • A dynamic, passionate team with an ambitious project to decarbonize aviation and its future metamorphoses through an innovative, pragmatic approach
  • Europe’s leading player in the on-board energy storage revolution
  • A disruptive, high value-added lithium battery protected by 12 patents, enabling us to offer a technology :
    2.5x lighter
    4.3x more powerful
    2.5x longer service life
    4x less maintenance
  • An extremely secure aeronautical application (5x more tests than in the automotive sector) with multiple advantages (power density, storage life, reliability, discharge protection) and unique potential for diversification (rail, marine, defense, industry)

  • A worldwide battery market estimated at €140 billion (CAGR of 16%)

  • 10 years of development and €15M of investment since 2016

  • A dense ecosystem federated around the project, from the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers to the highest political authorities.

Limatech Energy


To be part of the metamorphosis of aeronautics , we are starting with a disruptive technology for ignition and on board energy batteries.


This first step will allow us to finance our future challenge: the electrification of aircraft systems , or in other words, the More Electrical Aircraft.


We remain focused on the aircraft of the future, the Zero Emission Aircraft.